Vacation Planning

Summer vacations are right around the corner. How smooth they go will depend on how well you plan it out. Some vacations require a lot of planning and some don’t. Even with careful planning it is always good to be flexible. Many times things occur that cause us to alternate our plans. Sometimes it makes the vacation even more fun.

I will be on vacation next week. I wish it was a trip where I could go to an exotic resort and relax at the beach as the waves wash up on the shore. Not happening this trip. My husband has a business meeting for two of the days. My son is checking out a school on computer graphics. We are visiting my sister and her family on Memorial Day.

Since we are going to Los Angeles, I will get a chance to go to the beach at some point. It takes a lot of planning to make a trip where you combine business, pleasure, school exploration, and visiting family all in a five day trip. This also includes a four hour plane ride each way.

Before going I write everything down so I don’t forget anything like stopping the mail or setting the timers on my lights. I have to take the animals to the vet and water my plants. The list gets longer and longer and this is before I even leave the house.

Flying today isn’t like it use to be. With all the security measures you have to be aware of what you can carry on with you. If you don’t know the restrictions then check the TSA web site to find out.

If you are traveling this weekend be sure to plan ahead as much as possible and be flexible with the rest. Hopefully it will be a fun and safe trip.