Gardening Master List

The weather finally cooperated for me to get some things done around the yard. I planted a few flowerpots and window boxes. My husband helped me wash the deck and bring out the chair cushions. We even ate dinner on the back porch.

I walked around the house this weekend to see what needed to be done in each zone. I have the front and each side as separate zones. The back near the house and around the elevated deck is divided into three different zones. I have hills there and one side is shaded and the other in sun. It is easier to work on them if they are in different zone areas.

I haven’t decided what to work on first but with it all written down I can now prioritize it. During the weekdays I will only work on the things that take a short time to do. These will include planting a few vegetables or flowers and some light pruning. The things that require more work will be done on weekends. With my master list in front of me I can plan on what I need for the weekend project.

Having a master list should help me accomplish some of my landscape goals this summer. Since it is written down I won’t have the excuse of forgetting it.

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