I started this website a few years ago to share my experiences and ideas on decluttering and organizing.

A long time ago as a mother of a toddler plus working full time outside the home, I knew I needed help when the toys, clothes, dishes, etc. started cluttering up every room. Housekeeping was not exactly a strong skill of mine.

So I began reading as many books on the subject as I could find. Because decluttering and organizing doesn’t come naturally to me it was a matter of trial and error to find what worked and what didn’t for me.

There is no one system that works for everyone. We all have different personalities and abilities.  One plan or idea may work at one stage of our life and not at another.

Decluttering and organizing is a journey, not a destination.

With age comes wisdom. Over the years I wrote a lot of blog posts that are “how to’s” on decluttering. Now I want to go deeper to not only share the lessons I learned but also some of my own stories.

I’m at the stage of my life where many of us baby boomers are looking to downsize our homes. I’m not quite ready for that. However, I have been downsizing many of the belongings in my house in anticipation for the eventual move. It takes a mindset change to let go of “things” that use to have emotional attachments.

Many of future blog posts will be reflective of that mindset change. It doesn’t matter if you call it decluttering, downsizing, letting go, or any other term. What matters is that when you get rid of the unused and unloved physical items you make room for clarity to come into your life.

So join me on this journey. You can start by reading the blog posts. Or check out the Articles and Forms page. Then sign up to receive an email when I add a new post or article. The sign up form is on the right sidebar of the Home page.

To a lighter load along the way.