This page is a listing of the eBooks written by Janice Scissors.  They are available at Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.com.


Cover Tips to Simplify and copy“Tips To Simplify and Organize Your Holidays” $2.99   On sale now for only $ .99

The holidays don’t have to be so stressful and out of control. This eBook has 25 tips that can help you get organized and learn ways to be grateful for the things that count.

So don’t let another holiday season go by leaving you frustrated for mailing cards and gifts too late, spending more than you planned, or exhausted from trying to do to much. Read the full Table of Contents to see all 25 tips that can help you achieve a simpler and more organized holiday season. READ MORE

Kindle version (Amazon.com): BUY HERE

Nook version (B&N.com): BUY HERE



“How To Have A Fun, Safe, And Decluttered Halloween”  $2.99

Halloween is suppose to be fun!

But it can also be overwhelming especially with all the decorations and costumes on the market. They are so cute or scary you want to buy them all!  Don’t let Halloween’s clutter scare you out of having fun.          READ MORE


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Nook version (Barnes and Noble):  BUY HERE


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