Tips To Simplify and Organize Your Holidays eBook

Do you find the holidays more stressful than enjoyable? I know I use to. I always felt I had to do it perfectly. As hard as I tried I still seemed to be late getting the holiday cards mailed off on time (Tip #12). When it came to having people over for a holiday meal, I ran around frantic for days to get everything done on time. My procrastination was a big cause of this (Tip #21).

I still worried I forgot to do something the whole time company was there. That’s stressful, not enjoyable!

And please don’t let the media tell you how you’re suppose to celebrate the holidays. If you find yourself getting caught up in the media’s expectations, you may be having Pre-Holiday Syndrome (Tip #4). This tip has lots of cures to help you get in control of your own expectations.

Over the years I came up with different methods to help me plan, organize, shop, simplify, and reduce the stress so I could enjoy the holiday season instead of dreading it. I’ve compiled those methods along with some simple tips in this eBook.


I’ve organized the eBook in sections so you can find the tips that will help you the most. The Table of Contents is below.

If you’re ready to reduce the stress and get organized be sure to get this eBook. These tips have helped me simplify and enjoy what is most important about the holidays – spending time with family and friends.


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If you always find there is way too much to do now is the time to write out some plans and set up some systems that will help get you organized.  These plans and systems can help you stay that way throughout the holiday season.

As Willy Wonda said: “So much time, and so little to do! Strike that, reverse it.”

Below is the Table of Contents listing the 25 tips in the eBook.

Table of Contents

Gratitude and Simplicity

  • Tip #1 – Giving the Gift of the Holiday Spirit
  • Tip #2 – Gratitude
  • Tip #3 – Write a Gratitude List
  • Tip #4 – Pre-Holiday Syndrome
  • Tip #5 – Ten Time Wasters
  • Tip #6 – The Holiday Rush Has Started!
  • Tip #7 – Reduce Stress by Creating New Traditions
  • Tip #8 – Sharing Your Abundance
  • Tip #9 – How to Prevent Holiday Clutter
  • Tip #10 – Prevent Holiday Clutter Build-up – Some More Tips
  • Tip #11 – Simplify Your Holidays – Children’s Toys

Holiday Greeting Cards

  • Tip #12 – Holiday Greeting Card System
  • Tip #13 – Holiday Greeting Cards – Keeping Current
  • Tip #14 – Mailing Out Cards and Packages

Gift Giving

  • Tip #15 – Master Gift List
  • Tip #16 – Hostess Gifts
  • Tip #17 – Create New Gift Giving Traditions
  • Tip #18 – Setting Spending Limits
  • Tip #19 – Clutter Free Gifts


  • #20 – Holiday Decorating
  • Tip #21 – Holiday Meals
  • Tip # 22 – Holiday Baking
  • Tip #23 – Holiday Planning “To-Do List”


  • Tip #24 – Travel Tips
  • Tip #25 – A Travel Planner


What are you waiting for? Get started now with organizing your way to a simpler and happier holiday season.

¢   Only $ 2.99

On Sale Now for only $ .99

Available for:

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