Gardening – Where to Start

Gardening season is getting a late start here in the Midwest due to the unseasonably cool weather and rain. I have already lost a month of the season and now it is catch up time. When things don’t go as planned it is so easy to get overwhelmed.

This weekend I will take paper and pen and walk all around the outside of my house. I will write down what needs to be done, both maintenance and fun things. The front, back, and each side of the house will be a separate zone.

As I examine each zone I will write down what needs to be done with the house itself. Does the house need painting or a gutter fixed? Do the windows need fresh caulk or a crack in the foundation filled? Then I will write down what needs to be done with the landscaping in that zone. Does it need more mulch, shrubs pruned, or flowers purchased and planted? What are the growing conditions in that area? If you take that information to the garden center you will be able to buy plants that match that environment, thus making your gardening easier all summer long.


After I finish writing down what is needed and what I would like to do (the fun stuff), I will prioritize the list for each zone. This way I have a clearer idea of what needs be done first and what can wait.

This technique helps me get rid of that overwhelmed feeling so I can start taking action to accomplish my gardening tasks.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed? Share your techniques in the comment section.

Janice Scissors

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