Family Fun

Fun Decluttering Projects for Bad Weather Days!

It’s that time of year when many people have unexpected days at home due to bad weather.  If you have school age children you know it can be a trying time when everyone is cooped up in the house.



Here are a few projects that can be fun to do with your children or even by yourself on a cold snowy day.  The best thing about these projects is that you will be clearing out some clutter at the same time. …

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Staycations: Have You Planned Yours Yet?

children watching TVIt’s summer time and the living is easy. Maybe for the children, but it’s also boring.

Even if you are taking a 1-2 week trip out of town what about the rest of the summer time off from school?

That’s when it’s time to get your “Staycation” planner out and set up some fun things to do in your own hometown, neighborhood, or own house.

If you don’t have a Staycation planner set up check out this blog post where I give some suggestions on how to do it.

Here are  some links to articles that will give you a whole lot of ideas not only for the children but ideas for adults to have their own staycations.

Take some of the ideas from the sites above and get planning. Create a memorible staycation the kids will love to tell all their friends about when they get back in school.

If you have done some wonderful staycations please share them in the comment section. I would love to hear about them and so would all my readers.




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March 2013 Holidays and Special Events

This coming Sunday is Daylight Savings day.  The only way I can remember which way to change the clock is by the little saying I learned as a kid.  “Spring forward, Fall backwards”.

So I’ll move the clock forward on Sunday and lose an hour of sleep. Bummer! But on the bright side, it also means that it stays light later in the evenings. …

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