Renovating Can be Messy

Evolving, renovating, updating, etc. can be a good thing in our homes, life, and even this website.

Which is exactly what I’m currently doing. In other words, since this website has not changed much over thee past 11 years I’m going to renovate it.

If you’ve ever done a home renovation then you know how messy and unorganized it can be. But it’s so worth it when finished.

Over the next couple of months you’ll see many changes going on here. Some will be permanent and others, well, they will be let go to make way for better changes. We’ll be playing around with design and functionality. So please pardon our mess while we try to make this website and blog a fantastic resource to help you declutter your home and life.

Here are some of the changes we’re thinking of doing. Your feedback is always welcomed. You can post it in the comments below or email me at janice@cutclutterwithscissors.com.

Possible changes:
  • Weekly newsletter with current happenings at the website, weekly decluttering or organizing tips, links to new or relaxant articles and blog posts, and product reviews. One email a week will be the main way to update you on new and current news. (I started this a few weeks ago).
  • A streamline and user friendly front page to help you find what you’re looking for.
  • Article and blog Index. Organized by category to make it easy to find all the links to articles and blog posts on a particular subject.
  • Product reviews. These will be articles on how to use products to help organize your home and life. Most will be my stories on how these products have helped me. For your convenience there will be affiliate links to purchase the items. However, you may also find the item or similar ones available locally or at other online stores.
  • Blog posts – new ones 1-3 per month.  You won’t get a separate email when a new one comes out. It will be in the weekly newsletter and on the Facebook page.
Future Possibilities:
  • More eBooks written on decluttering and organizing topics.
  • Online e-courses – self study.
  • Online e-courses – group led – live
  • Possibly one on one online coaching

There are lots of ideas swirling around in my head. I welcome any feedback you would like to send my way. Also, I want to thank you for your loyalty and trust in me all these years. It’s greatly appreciated.

To a lighter load along the way.

Janice Scissors


Don’t Clutter Up Halloween

I noticed this year that Halloween decorations were starting to show up in the stores in August. Wow! Do you think the stores are trying to get into our heads early to buy lots of things we probably don’t need?

Halloween is second to only Christmas on spending for decorations and other items for the holiday. This means there is a great opportunity to buy a lot of things that are destined to become clutter.

That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the holiday. But if you are trying to keep your home decluttered, you have to think about where you’ll store all those items for the next year.

I’ve written lots of blog posts and articles about Halloween over the years. Since I didn’t want to re-write the same info again, I’ve listed below  the links to posts and articles.

Most of the tips in the following posts come from the eBook “How To Have A Safe, Fun, And Decluttered Halloween”. The book is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble if you prefer to get all the tips in one place.

Blog Posts

Countdown to Halloween Series Part 1

Countdown to Halloween Series Part 2

Countdown to Halloween Series Part 3

Countdown to Halloween Series Part 4

Countdown to Halloween Series Part 5


Halloween Decorating Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips For Children’s Costumes

To a lighter load along the way.


Using Different Decluttering Methods

Have you used different decluttering methods over the years? I have.

I was like a surfer that would try wave after wave. Sometimes I had success. Sometimes I didn’t. But each time I tried a new decluttering method I learned a little more about what worked and what didn’t for me.

Some methods didn’t work at all me. While some worked fairly well, at least for awhile. Then for some reason they just didn’t work anymore. I don’t remember if I got bored or some lifestyle change happened.

It didn’t matter what the reason was, I still beat myself up for being a “failure”. Fortunately, new methods came along as my household grew (children and pets) right along with the clutter. …

Treasure Lost and Found

Treasure Lost and Found

Sometimes we lose a treasured item. Sometimes the lost item is found in a relatively short period of time. Then there are those items that suddenly show up after a long, long, time.

I’m talking years here. And the sad part is, the item usually is found in a place we never would have looked for it. …