March 2013 Holidays and Special Events

This coming Sunday is Daylight Savings day.  The only way I can remember which way to change the clock is by the little saying I learned as a kid.  “Spring forward, Fall backwards”.

So I’ll move the clock forward on Sunday and lose an hour of sleep. Bummer! But on the bright side, it also means that it stays light later in the evenings. That makes it easier to walk my dog after dinner. Which means that maybe I’ll get more exercise to burn off those extra winter pounds that have accumulated on my body. At least that’s what I’m planning!

Anyway, below are listed the dates and links to most of the major holidays and events for the month of March. In future posts I’ll talk more about the organizing and planning options regarding specific events. Please feel free to share any tips you may have in the comment section below. Thanks.

Special Announcement: I have started a new blog. Many of you are already subscribed to both this blog and the “Cut Clutter With Scissors” newsletter.  Instead of the newsletter I now have a blog by that name. It will focus entirely on decluttering.

This “Organizing By The Month” blog will be a more general blog on organizing and planning.  I may even include some favorite recipes and craft ideas for some of the holidays.

Be sure to check out the new “Cut Clutter With Scissors” blog. It is a separate sign-up from this blog but you also get the “22 Tips On Organizing and Decluttering Your Home and Life” eBook for free. Let me know what your think. 

To a lighter load along the way.



Special Days

Clocks005March 10, (Sunday)   Daylight Savings Day




March 17, (Sunday)   St. Patrick’s Day


Passover matzo



March 25, (Monday)  Passover Begins


CB030060March 31, (Sunday)   Easter


Monthly Events

National Craft Month


American Red Cross Month


National Nutrition Month


Special Weeks

Poison Prevention Week,  March 17-23