Where Do You Have Clutter?

This new blog is replacing the monthly newsletter I used to send out.  I feel a blog format is much easier to build relationships where we can help and motivate each other when dealing with our clutter issues.

To help me help you I first need to know what gives you the most problems with decluttering.  Below is a list of areas where clutter tends to pile up.  Please let me know in the comment section which top 3-5 areas you want help with.

Here is the list.

  • Paper clutter
  • Kitchen clutter
  • Bedroom clutter (adult and children)
  • Clothes closets and drawers clutter (adults and children)
  • Storage closets clutter
  • Children’s toys clutter
  • Family room or media room clutter
  • Dining room clutter
  • Basement/attic/storage unit clutter
  • Garage clutter
  • Yard clutter
  • Car clutter

Of course if you have other problem areas that aren’t listed please feel free to add those to your list in the comment section.  There just might be someone else with the same problem or even a solution they would like to share with you.



P.S.  I’m still working out all those techie issues with setting up this blog. If you see any issues or have problems with the comment section please contact my at the “Contact Us” page on the top menu bar.