Dreaming of Summer

One of my gardening magazines came in the mail today.  A few weeks ago the seed catalogs came in.  I love looking at them and thinking about what I want to plant this coming summer.

When looking at the pictures of juicy red tomatoes or crisp cucumbers my mouth starts to water.  

photo-6                            photo-5

The pictures of bright colored flowers have me dreaming of warm summer days. If I close my eyes I can smell the sweet scent of fresh cut grass.


The above pictures are from the Park Seed Catalog.


But it’s time to get back to reality.  That means I have to head back outside on this cold, wintery February day and shovel the driveway.  Five inches of snow is now being covered with a fine layer of sleet.  And they’re still predicting more snow for later!

This picture was taken a couple of hours ago from my driveway. The snowplow had just come through but it didn’t take long for the street to disappear under another blanket of snow.

snow 2-21-13

I think I like the dreaming of summer better than the reality!  Maybe I’ll go back to looking at the seed catalogs and garden magazines. The snow shoveling can wait. It’s not going anywhere right now.