Halloween Tips 3 – 9

Last week I posted the first two Halloween tips on this blog.  I know not everyone has Facebook and Twitter so here are the tips  from the past week.

All these tips come from the eBook “How To Have A Safe, Fun, And Decluttered Halloween”.  There are dozens of more tips in the eBook plus it goes into more details on many of the tips below.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding these tips please leave a comment below.  Thanks.

Halloween Tip 3

Homemade decorations can help use up many of those left-over craft and sewing materials you already have on hand. Fabric or soft material items can usually be stored flat which takes up a lot less storage room. Time to get creative!

Halloween Tip 4

Extend your Halloween/Fall decorating by layering the decorations. Add black bats or pumpkin cut-outs to an autumn wreath on your front door. After Halloween replace the cut-outs with Turkey or other Thanksgiving/Fall ones on the wreath.

Halloween Tip 5

Strings of Halloween lights can help provide more light to your front yard making it safer for trick-or-treaters. Make sure the wires aren’t in a place where they can be tripped on.

Halloween Tip 6

Homemade costumes are one of a kind. You don’t even have to know how to sew to create some of them. Many times you can use materials/items you already have.

Halloween Tip 7

Halloween make-up is easy to use to create all kinds of costumes/masks. It’s best to buy new and fresh products each year. Leftover make-up can breed bacteria after being stored for a long time.

Halloween Tip 8

Use battery operated tea lights inside pumpkins whereever a real flame could cause a fire hazard. This is especially important on the front porch where trick-or-treaters will be.

Halloween Tip 9

Safety pins or duct tape work well for last minute hemming and other alterations of costumes.

To a lighter load along the way.