On Vacation

I’m sitting here in the hotel room looking out at the palm trees in Santa Monica, CA. For those who live on the West coast, the Gulf coast, or other tropical areas you may not realize how pretty of a sight the ocean and palm trees are to a land locked Midwesterner.

I wish I could post a picture but I didn’t get my laptop set up the right way. This is the first time I have traveled with it. I can see that I still have a lot to learn on the technical side. Organization, whether at home, work, or travel is an ongoing learning process. I will be home on Friday and will post some pictures using my desktop computer. I will have to get the laptop up to speed for work before my next trip.

Traveling is always a challenge whether for work or vacation. With the summer vacation season upon us I will keep you informed of the best ways to plan for a trip using my own experiences and what I have researched.

If you have any suggestions that could help others with their planning then please post a comment. I would love to learn new and better ways to travel with less stress and I’m sure all my readers would too.