Some Clutter-free and Almost Clutter-free Gift Ideas


“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”                               ~ Mother Teresa

Has someone told you not to buy them any gifts? They don’t “need” anything. They claim they have way too many things in their home already.

You still want to get them something but don’t want to add to their “too many things”.

Maybe it’s time to consider some clutter-free gifts that they will enjoy and you won’t feel guilty about giving it to them..

Below are some lists of clutter-free and almost clutter free gift ideas. …

Prevent Holiday Clutter Build-up


Are those mouth watering cookies and candies already blowing your diet?



Is it overwhelming you just thinking about getting all the Christmas decorations unpacked and put up?



Christmas presents

Are you starting to panic about all the gifts you have to wrap? How many have you already bought and how many do you still need to buy?


How To Stop Catalog (Paper) Clutter

It’s that time of year where the catalogs fill up your mailbox.  How many times do you receive a catalog that you’ve never heard of?

Maybe you received a mail ordered gift from someone. Now your name is on their list.

Maybe you ordered something from one catalog. They sold their customer list to another company. Your name was on it.

Maybe you ordered online. That company may have sold their customer list.

There are multiple ways your name may have gotten on those lists but there are ways to stop the junk mail and catalogs from filling up your mailbox. …

May 2013 Special Days

It’s been a while since I wrote a post on this blog. I missed posting the April dates completely.  It’s already the 7th of May but there is still time to get organized for the upcoming holidays and special events.  Below I’ve listed the dates and lots of links to websites to help you plan your celebrations. …