How To Stop Catalog (Paper) Clutter

It’s that time of year where the catalogs fill up your mailbox.  How many times do you receive a catalog that you’ve never heard of?

Maybe you received a mail ordered gift from someone. Now your name is on their list.

Maybe you ordered something from one catalog. They sold their customer list to another company. Your name was on it.

Maybe you ordered online. That company may have sold their customer list.

There are multiple ways your name may have gotten on those lists but there are ways to stop the junk mail and catalogs from filling up your mailbox.

Here is are a few simple things to stop those catalogs.

If you don’t want a flood of new catalogs it is up to you to tell the company to remove your name from those lists. Many catalogs now have a box you can check to keep your name off these lists. If they don’t offer this option when ordering be sure to email or write them separately to request that your name not be sold or given away on any list. This allows you to order from your chosen catalog without worrying about receiving loads of catalogs you didn’t request.

To stop getting the unwanted catalogs go to Once you have registered (it’s free) all you have to do is go to the catalog’s listed name and request the stop. The website will notify all the catalogs you requested. It’s much easier and faster than trying to go to each individual company’s website.

Every time you get a catalog in the mail go to this website and request a stop. Then recycle the catalog. After a few months you will find only the companies you purchase from will be sending you their catalog. The companies are happy to stop sending catalogs you don’t want. It saves them money.

To a lighter load along the way.