Prevent Holiday Clutter Build-up


Are those mouth watering cookies and candies already blowing your diet?



Is it overwhelming you just thinking about getting all the Christmas decorations unpacked and put up?



Christmas presents

Are you starting to panic about all the gifts you have to wrap? How many have you already bought and how many do you still need to buy?


If you can relate to any of the questions above you’ll want to check out the excerpt from the eBook, ” Tips To Simplify and Organize Your Holidays”.  Just following a few of the solutions below might save you a lot of stress and some extra pounds!

Tip #10 – Prevent Holiday Clutter Build-up – Some More Tips

This is the time of year where all kinds of clutter can build up. Excess food treats, lots of Christmas decorations, too many gifts, etc. These are some of the things that make the holidays fun. But when we over-indulge in any of these things we could end up with extra pounds on our bodies, wasted food, too many decorations to store, and more gifts than we know what to do with. In other words, we’re adding to our clutter!

Here are some tips to help prevent Holiday clutter build-up:

1.  If you have a hard time resisting food treats learn to be choosy. Only eat the ones that are special to you.

2.  Freeze and/or hide the cookies and candies you are saving for the parties. Out of sight, out of mind, will help control the temptations.

3.  Go through your stored Christmas decorations before shopping for new ones. Less chance of buying something you already have.

4.  Get rid of any decorations that are broken or you don’t like anymore. That will make room for a few new ones.

5.  If you have a large family consider drawing names to limit the total amount of gifts you need to give or receive.

6.  Consider one nice gift as opposed to multiple small gifts for each individual.

7.   Consider one large family gift such as a television, vacation, etc. instead of individual gifts.


To a lighter load along the way.



The eBook “Tips To Simplify And Organize Your Holidays” is filled with 25 tips that can help you reduce the stress of the holiday season. You’ll learn how to manage your spending and gift buying. This eBook is available for your PC, Kindle, or Nook.