Only Ten Days before Christmas

It’s hard to believe there are only ten days till Christmas. So much to do, so little time. Here is a list of reminders of important dates.

December 15, TODAY – according to the post office this is the last day to send packages by parcel post if you want them to get to their destination by Christmas.

December 17 is the busiest mailing day of the year. You may want to avoid the post office this Weds. if you can.

December 20, – the suggested last day to mail First class mail if you want it to arrive by Christmas. This includes all those holiday cards.

December 20, – last day for Priority mail to be sent.

December 22, – last day for Express mail.

December 20 and 21, – last weekend to shop before Christmas.

I bought stamps last Friday but didn’t finish writing out my cards this weekend. I think tonight will be a good time to finish them and mail them off tomorrow.