Holiday Baking/Cooking Supplies

The holidays are upon us. Ovens are heating up and luscious smells are coming from them. Do you have all your baking supplies ready to go? Have you checked your recipes for ingredients needed? If not, now is the time to make that grocery list.

Make sure your ingredients are fresh. Most have “best used by” dates on the packages. If you put some of your ingredients into canisters, do you remember when you bought that last bag of flour? Flour gets rancid over time. Baking soda and baking powder get old and will not leaven your baked goods as well. Spices and herbs lose their punch.


If there isn’t a date on the package to go by you might be better off buying new. After all, you put your time and love into baking those cookies and cakes so you want the freshest ingredients to make them taste their best.

If you get all those supplies in the house now you will be able to bake up a storm when the weather outside is frightful.

When you start making that holiday meal (all or part of it) you’ll want everything ready to go. Plan ahead now so you won’t be heading to the grocery store for last minute items with all those unorganized people.