Addressing Holiday Greeting Cards

While watching TV last night I started to address my holiday cards. Since I only send out around 40 cards I like to hand write out the addresses. If you have a large amount of cards to send you could print out address labels.

I did print out return address labels. I used the Avery Wizard for Microsoft Word to customize the labels with holiday clip art on them. They have a lot of designs you can use or you can insert your own. The Avery Wizard is a program you can download for free at

Right now I am only addressing the envelopes. I will sign the cards and add any notes later. I like to do one step at a time. If I start running out of time to write individual notes then all I have to do is sign the cards, seal them, and put a stamp on. The important thing is to get the cards mailed out on time.

Remember that the post office recommends you mail your cards by December 20th to make sure they arrive by Christmas. The first day of Chanukah is December 21st so those cards should be mailed by the 15th at the latest.