Traveling By Car

It’s the height of vacation season. Are you getting ready to pack up and hit the road? Before you head out it is good to plan your packing so your travel light. They say if you add a lot of extra weight (luggage) you won’t get as good as gas mileage. Ok, I know it may only be pennies so that’s not usually a good reason. It’s better to pack light so all the luggage fits in the trunk. If you have ever traveled in the car with your feet squeezed between bags of extras and your children are packed tight in between backpacks, coolers, and other bags in the back seat then you are not packing light.


When you pack your luggage for airplane travel you take only the essentials. After all, you have to drag the luggage from the car to the airline terminal and then from the airplane and/or luggage claim to a cab or rental car. Then into the hotel or other place you are staying. That’s a lot to lug around!

With a car we tend to pack more than we need because it’s like a mobile storage unit. We don’t have to totally unpack the car each night if we don’t want to. Don’t let yourself get in this mind set. Pack light and the car ride itself will be a lot more enjoyable. Plus, think of the leg room you’ll have.

I’m researching websites with lots of travel game ideas. I will post those either later today or tomorrow. If you plan ahead you can pull these games out when the kids start complaining “Are we there yet?”. Just print out the instructions and/or game sheets and have them ready to go.