Do You Feel Guilty For NOT Shopping?

Most of us have been cutting back on our shopping because of the economy. Plus if you have been following my blog and newsletters (you can sign up on the sidebar) you are probably trying to cut some of the clutter out of your life.

But the stores are always tempting us with “fantastic” sales. We are told that a healthy economy is one where people are spending. So are we hurting the economy because we are cutting back on shopping? Do you feel guilty because of this?

In the past we would justify a spending spree because we felt we deserved the items. This was especially true if we were feeling down or were upset about something. Shopping helped fill the emptiness, at least for a short time. Soon many of those items became clutter. But we were helping the economy stay strong.

Once you start decluttering you will find you won’t need to fill the emptiness with things. You won’t want to bring the clutter back into your home. But now we may feel a pang of guilt for not helping the economy. Will this become the new excuse to buy things we really don’t need or want?

What do you think? Please leave a comment and let me know.