Craft Area Clutter

Here is a copy of this week’s newsletter. Crafting is a popular hobby but one that can create a lot of clutter if it isn’t organized and controlled. Below is one way to organize your projects.

Decluttering Tips – Craft Area
Volume 2, Issue 25

An area lots of people have problems with clutter is the craft room. It could be a whole room or the corner of a bedroom closet. Either way, if you work on more than one project at a time, like most people I know, you need a way to keep it organized.
One easy way is to use zip-lock plastic bags and/or plastic containers. Small projects like needlepoint or cross stitch work well in plastic bags. Keep all the supplies and instructions for each project in a separate bag. Larger projects such as quilting or clothes sewing work well in the plastic containers. I’ve even used the 2 gallon size plastic zip-lock bags for clothes and home decoration projects. You can also use the jumbo zip-lock bags for the larger projects. They are easy to store under the bed or on a shelf.

Any craft projects that have sharp or bulky items such as jewelry making/beading, painting, scrapbooking, or other papercrafting projects are best stored in plastic containers. Be sure to put only the supplies you need for a particular project in to one box. That will make it easy to take out and work on it, then put it away when you are done.

Keep another box or basket handy that has the general tools you use for multiple projects. These might include scissors, pin cushion, thimbles, tape measure, and other general purpose items.

When you want to work on a project just grab your bag or box and the general tools basket. Go sit down and enjoy! When you are finished pack up your project and general tool basket and put them away until next time.

If you have a different way of dealing with the clutter in your craft area I would love to hear about it. Please leave a comment to share your ideas.

To a lighter load along the way.

Janice Scissors