Happy July 4th!

It’s been beautiful weather here all week but of course it is pouring down rain today. So much for walks in the park or barbeques. Maybe it will stop long enough this evening for the firework shows around town. I hope the weather is better where you are.

If it isn’t do you have a plan B in place? If you are looking for things to do if the weather has interfered with your original plans then check out these sites. There are crafts, games, and fun facts about the history of our country. There are plenty of ideas to keep your children, grandchildren, or even your inner child busy.



I also want to let you know I have completed my eBook, “Best Tips From 2008”. I have taken the best newsletter tips and blog tips from last year and put them together by subject. Through out the year I jumped around from subject to subject according to the time of year and also to present a variety of tips.

Now if you need help with paper clutter all the tips can be found within a few pages. If you are getting ready to travel on your summer vacation then check out the chapter on travel tips.

Here is a brief list of some of the chapters: Paper Clutter, Garage and Garden, Clothes, Travel Tips, School Routines, and several more.

This is a free eBook for all subscribers to my newsletters. If you are a subscriber already then you should have received an email from me with the link for the download.

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Have a Happy Fourth of July!