Simplify Your Holidays – Tip #4

This is the time of year with lots of parties. Sometimes you know way ahead of time when the party is and sometimes it seems like it’s last minute. If you like to bring a gift to the host or hostess you will want to have a few simple gifts on the shelf to grab before you head out the door.

Here are some easy food gifts that can be bought ahead of time.

1. Speciality preserves or jellies.

2. Gourmet teas or coffees.

3. Cans or jars of fancy nuts.

Buy only a few gifts and ones that you like. If you don’t use them all as gifts you can treat yourself later.

You will also want to have some kind of easy form of wrapping ready to go.

1. Buy a few small gift bags at the dollar store along with some tissue paper.

2. Wrap the gifts in fancy tissue paper and use ribbon to tie it up.

3. Have pre-made bows ready to be put on top or ribbon to tie around the jars.

If you have any tips to share please write them in the comment section.