Simplify Your Holidays – Tip #5

If you feel overwhelmed with the amount of people you have to buy gifts for it may be time to change your gift giving traditions. Talk to your friends and family and suggest that instead of gifts this year that they donate to a charity. You can do this several different ways.

1. Donate to your favorite charity in their honor and ask that they do the same with the charity of their choice. Most charities will send a card letting them know a donation (not the amount) was made in their honor. It’s easy to do this by phone or online with a credit card. You will want to give them your own holiday card to let them know because sometimes the charities are slow in getting their cards mailed.

2. You could have a Christmas party a week or two before Christmas and have friends and family bring gifts to the party that will be donated to a charity or shelter. Make arrangements with a charity before hand and ask what kinds of items they are looking for. After the party you can drop off the gifts or arrange for the charity to pick them up.

With the first suggestion above you will save a lot of time and the hassle of shopping. The second suggestion will be a lot more time consuming but if you are shopping for families in need then you will have a purpose for the shopping. That will make it a lot more meaningful for you and your family.

Please share any tips you have to simplify the holidays in the comment section.