Simplify Your Holidays – Tip #3

It’s already December 5. Christmas is only 20 days away. If you are mailing out cards and/or packages you need to be aware of the suggested last mailing dates put out by the United States Postal Service. The last day for First Class Mail is Dec 21. That’s only 17 days away. If you are mailing a package by Parcel Post then you have until Dec 16. That is only 12 days away.

Now is the time to buy those stamps so you can get the cards in the mail soon. You don’t want to waste your time standing in long lines because you waited till the last minute. Any gifts that need mailing should be bought now and mailed as soon as possible.

Chanukah starts next Friday, Dec 11. If you are sending out Chanukah cards you’ll want to get them in the mail by Monday or Tuesday of this coming week. Since the holiday lasts 8 days you have a little leeway if the cards or packages don’t arrive by the first day.

Any packages or cards being sent overseas, especially military need to be sent out as soon as possible. For all suggested mailing dates you can check out the USPS website.

There is nothing wrong with sending cards and packages early. It’s much better than being stressed by waiting in long lines at the post office. You will be able to enjoy your holidays so much more knowing the recipients of your love and friendship have received their cards and packages in time.

If you have any tips to share on “Simplifying Your Holidays ” then please share them in the comment section.