Product Recommendations

On this page are books and products that I feel can help you on your journey to a more organized and decluttered home. I have included the links to any blog posts that have reviewed or discussed what I like about the book or product or how I’ve used them.

All the products on this page are Amazon affiliate products. That means I will earn a small commission from any product you purchase using the links.

Many of these books can be found in your local bookstore.  A few can even be found in the public library.

Some of the other products may also be found in local stores or other online retail stores. My main purpose for this page is to let you know about the books and products I find most helpful. I hope some of them will also help you become more organized and decluttered.

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Janice Scissors


Here is the link to my review on “Clutter’s Last Stand”.



I started following Flylady back in 2002. Her book and website are a great resource for decluttering and organizing.


A lot of what Flylady’s system is based on came from The Sidetrack Home Executives sisters. I still have my original book I purchased back in the early 1980’s. It was one of the first books that helped me get started on my life long journey of decluttering and organizing.


I reviewed these products in the blog post, “Containerizing Gift Wrap and Ribbons”.




Here is the blog post where I reviewed the kitchen cabinet organizes below.  “Kitchen Cabinet Organizers I Use”




The following products where discussed in the three part blog series, “Tools to Control Paper Clutter”.
In Blog Series: Tools to Control Paper Clutter -Part 1 



In Blog Series: Tools to Control Paper Clutter – Part 2




In Blog Series: Tools to Control Paper Clutter – Part 3




Products from the Blog post, Use It or Lose It