Containerizing Gift Wrap and Ribbons


Do You Wrap A Lot Of Gifts?

It’s fun to give gifts. Especially to people who are special to you. It’s also fun to wrap those gifts with love. It doesn’t matter if it’s for Christmas, a birthday, wedding, or baby shower. But how you store all that wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, ribbons, and bows can make it easy or frustrating when it’s time to wrap a gift.

In recent years I haven’t had the opportunity to wrap too many gifts. Most of my family lives out of town. Because I travel by plane to visit them, the presents I take with me don’t get wrapped ahead of time. The airlines ask you not to wrap them in case they have to inspect the item.

But when I do wrap a gift, I have a few supplies on hand. They are stored in a plastic container on a shelf in my basement storage room. I also have a few gift bags that store some supplies. They are easy to get to when I need them.

If you wrap a lot of gifts, especially at Christmas time, you’ll probably have a lot more supplies on hand than I do. In that case, it’s best to find a product or two that will help you keep control of those supplies. It really is so much more fun to spend time being creative when wrapping the gifts, than it is wasting time searching for those supplies.


Storage Ideas

There are many different options to store and have easy access to the gift wrap. The key is to figure out which one(s) will work best for you.

My mother enjoying wrapping gifts to give to her grandchildren when they were young. She also enjoyed giving gifts to friends and colleagues. I remember her having lots of rolls of different kinds of papers. She stored them in a container that stood up inside her closet. It was easy for her to find the kind of paper she wanted when she needed it. She stored the bows and ribbons in a bag in the same closet.

The container below is similar to what she used. If you have a lot of rolls of paper this is a great way to store them. It’s easy to pick out the one you want to use. The container can easily be stored in a closet or storage area.


There are also many other products available now to not only store the wrapping paper but also the bows, ribbons, gift tags, and even the gift bags. Some can hang up in a closet if you have the room. Others can be stored standing up in the closet, on a shelf or floor, or even under the bed. You may find a combination of storage items works best for your situation. If you have mainly Christmas gift wrapping supplies you might want to store all those separately. Then those supplies can be stored with the rest of the Christmas things in the off season. All the other wrapping supplies for birthdays, weddings, etc. can be stored in a container that is easy to access year round.



When you find a product that fits your needs, you’ll make wrapping those gifts more convenient, more fun, and a lot easier. Plus you won’t be leaving gift wrapping supplies laying all around house to clutter it up.

To a lighter load along the way.



However, you can find similar products in your local stores or other online retailers. My main purpose is to help you get organized. Before you purchase any product, make sure it fits your needs and your lifestyle. Otherwise it has a good chance of eventually becoming clutter.

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