Out of Chaos and Back to Routines

Sometimes there are so many things going on at one time you feel like you’re in the middle of a three ring circus. You go from focusing on one thing to another and then back again so you don’t miss out on anything. After awhile it all becomes a blur.

That is how I have felt the last three weeks. First I went on vacation the end of May. Then my contractor scheduled to fix my back porch (leaky roof) and stain the deck. This happened at the same time the construction workers tore up the street in front of our house. With all the noise from out in front and the repairs going on in back, I felt I was in the middle of that three ring circus.

Because of the street being out and rain delaying the pouring of the concrete I have had to park my car a half a block away. This meant carrying groceries and cans of paint that distance. I think I built up a few muscles this week. I know my contractor wasn’t happy either but with an empty garage he was able to store his stuff here instead of carrying it back to the truck.

This morning the garage was cleaned out, the cars returned to their “home”, and it is now quiet around here. And guess what, it is raining again. At least now I can start getting back in my daily routine.

Having routines can make life so much more organized. There will always be things in our lives that disrupt our routines. The key is to get back to the routines as soon as those disruptions are past. If things change to the point that the old routines don’t work then come up with new routines.

We are creatures of habit but we also have the power to choose what those habits are. Create good routines that become habit and ours lives will be more organized. That helps us handle the three ring circuses when they come to town.

Have a Happy Father’s Day this weekend. If you still haven’t planned out the day then check out the June 1 “Organize By The Month News” under newsletters on the sidebar. There are links there that will give you some good ideas.