Missing Tax Rebates, Refunds

Although tax season has come and gone this year it appears that there are thousands of people who never received their rebates or refunds. I was reading an article about it ( http://www.walletpop.com/article/_a/bbdp/millions-in-tax-refunds-rebates/239192?icid=200100397x1212814208x1200830663 ) today and thought I would pass the information on to my readers. If you didn’t get your money last spring then now is the time to find out why. You only have until November 28. Don’t let the government keep what is yours.

It seems like we are all watching our pennies now. With the upcoming holiday season this will be a real challenge. Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. I know I will be watching the ads to catch as many ingredients on sale as I can. With my family we all bring something for the meal. It’s at my sister-in-law’s every year so I don’t have to mess with too much. My job is the pumpkin pie, another dessert, and the homemade rolls.

If you do it all each year you may want to consider having different family members or guests bring part of the meal. If there is a certain dish they are known for then let them bring it. That’s one less dish you have to make. I always make the traditional pumpkin pie. I try to make a different other dessert each year and I also change up what kind of rolls I make. That keeps it interesting and fun without veering too far from tradition.

If you want to share any ideas you have to make Thanksgiving easier, please post them in the comment section.