Traveling Light

I remember how excited I use to get when I was young and traveled by airplane. Times have really changed. Tomorrow I will be flying from St. Louis to L.A. Since I will only be gone for two nights I am using carry-on luggage. The rules of what you can bring on and what you can’t are several pages long on the TSA website. Oh, the hassles involved with travel today!

I’m traveling with my husband for his business so we will be staying at the company’s condo. I can’t complain. It’s suppose to be a luxury condo overlooking the ocean in downtown Long Beach, CA. The condo is on the 23rd floor. I should have a great view to take some fabulous pictures.

Since it is not a hotel, I will have to pack slightly different. I’ll have to make sure I bring my own shampoo, soap, shower gel, etc. I usually do this anyway when I travel but if I forget at least a hotel has these things. Since I have never been to this place before I’m not sure how close a quick shop or drug store may be. My feet will be my only transportation so if I need something I hope a store is not too far.

I’m not taking my laptop because it is an old and heavy, heavy, one. I want to travel light and since I will only be gone 2 nights I figure I can survive without the internet that long. I’ll be checking my emails and any comments here on Thursday evening.

With holiday travel around the corner if you have any suggestions on how to make it easier please leave a comment. We all can learn from each other’s experiences.