March Special Dates and Events

This year March has only two special dates/holidays. There is Daylight Savings day on Sunday, March 11. Most of us will move the clocks forward and lose that extra hour of sleep.  You don’t want to be late for any plans that day so be sure to set your clocks the night before.

ShamrockThen there is St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday, March 17.  St. Patrick’s Day may have started out as an Irish religious holiday over 1000 years ago but many people, including all us non-Irish, love to join in the celebrations today. Below are several links to find out about the history of this holiday and fun ways to celebrate it with your family.

March also has several month long events. There is Women’s History Month, American Red Cross Month, And National Craft Month. There is also Poison Prevention Week. If you have small children or pets be sure to check out the FAQ’s at the link below for a lot of good information.

If you are a crafter then this will be a month filled with special sales and classes at your local craft store. Below are some links for some of the major stores where you can find out the specials in your area.

If your craft/sewing area is filled with clutter and unfinished projects it may be time to clean it out before starting any new ones. I’ll be posting an article on decluttering craft supplies next week.  Be sure to check back here or better yet sign up to receive an email when a new post is written. You can sign up here…..

Check out the sites below and start getting organized for the month ahead. Remember that a little planning today makes tomorrow easier and a lot more fun!


Women’s History Month

American Red Cross Month

National Craft Month

This is a great site for projects and links to blogs on crafting.

If you’re into sewing and crafts these links are for the major craft stores.  On the main page of each site you can also link to their Facebook page.

poison_prevention_awareness_month_pageMarch 18 – 24,  Poison Prevention Week

March 11 (Sunday), Daylight Saving

Make sure you move your clocks forward.  Spring forward, fall back. That’s how I always remember which way to move the clock. 

ShamrockMarch 17 (Saturday), St. Patricks Day