Decluttering Craft Supplies

March is National Craft Month. If you are a hard core crafter, occasional crafter, or even if you used to do crafting you probably have a lot of supplies stored in various drawers, containers, or closets.

yarn_&_needlesIf you enjoy multiple crafts like I do that can add up to a lot of supplies. Over the years my interest in different crafts have changed. Many times those supplies get stashed away in a container, not seeing the light of day for a long time.  If this has happened to you it may be time to declutter some of those supplies.

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Unused supplies and unfinished projects are a red flag telling us it is time to make some tough decisions.  Here are few questions to ask yourself when trying to determine if you should keep them or not.

  • Do you love this kind of crafting?
  • Is this unfinished project due to you not liking this particular project or the kind of craft?
  • Did you used to love this kind of crafting but are no longer interested?
  • Do you feel bad about wasting good supplies and don’t want to throw them out?

If you have decided you no longer enjoy a particular kind of craft then it’s time to declutter those supplies. You don’t have to throw everything out in the trash. There are plenty of places you can donate them.  This includes those half finished projects as long as you have the materials to finish them. You will be blessing others while at the same time cleaning out your craft area.

Here are some suggestions on where to donate.  I’m sure a few phone calls will give you several local places happy to take those craft supplies.

  • Local schools – nursery schools through colleges.
  • Nursing homes, assisted living, and retirement homes.
  • Women’s shelters – both children’s and adult craft supplies are wanted.
  • Certain charities (see below).



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If you enjoy sewing or knitting and have a lot of extra supplies/materials there are several ways you can use your skills and supplies for a good cause.  Many charities donate finished projects to help newborns, children, cancer patients, and elderly people. I have done this before by sewing bibs, burp pads, and changing pads for my local Newborns In Need chapter. These small projects helped me clear out some extra fabrics I had sitting around.  If you don’t want to do the sewing or knitting these kinds of charities would love to have your fabric and yarns so their members can make the projects.

It feels good to use your skills to bless others. Here is a site that lists charities that are looking for donations of finished projects.

It’s time to get your creative juices going or pass those supplies on to someone else so they can get their creative juices going. Either way you’ll be clearing out some of that craft clutter laying around the house.

To a lighter load along the way.