Inch by Inch, It’s a Cinch

“Yard by yard, it’s very hard. But inch by inch, it’s a cinch.”


I’ve always loved quotes and find them very inspirational. Many times a few words like the ones above can put things in perspective for me.

So many times we feel overwhelmed by the job facing us. It can be a mountain of laundry, a large pile of bills, a stack of papers to file, or a list of phones calls staring at us from the top of our work desks. We are not even sure where to start.

Well, as the Red King said to Alice in Wonderland:

“Begin at the beginning, go on till you come to the end, and then stop.”

Makes sense, doesn’t it. So why is it so hard to get started? I think it is because we see the “yard by yard” and not the “inch by inch”.

Sometimes it is best to divide the “pile” into smaller piles and handle one at a time.


If you are out of socks and underwear then start with that pile of laundry.

Pay the bills that are due this week.

Separate the papers and phones calls that need to be taken care of now and those that can wait a few days.

Now you have a place to begin.

“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.”

~Henry Ford


To a lighter load along the way.