How To Prevent Holiday Clutter

A couple of weeks ago (before my computer crash) I sent out a newsletter listing things you can do to help prevent cluttering up your holidays with too many things to do and/or buy. Here is the list again. I’ve included links to articles I have written that can give you more information and tips on those subjects. Planning ahead will help you keep your life and finances under control.

1. Make a list of who you are buying gifts for. On this list write out what you want to buy this person and how much you can spend (maximum).

2. Always take this list with you when you go shopping. It will help you stick to your budget and make it less likely to get caught up in the marketing ploys the stores use to get you to buy what they think you need.

3. Plan out your holiday meal on paper. List what dishes each guest will be bringing (if you do it this way). Confirm this with your guests a couple of weeks ahead of time so they will be organized.

4. Check all your recipes and write down any ingredients you will need to buy. Buy non-perishables a week or two ahead. Buy the perishables a few days ahead of the day.

5. Make out your holiday card list before you buy those cards. Check out my article, “Holiday Greeting Card System” for more information.

6. If you are traveling this holiday season you can make a Travel Planner that will help you pack the things you need and leave home the things you don’t need. (clutter)

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