Stressed Out About the Holidays?

Our expectation for the holidays is to always make this year the best year ever! But as it gets closer and closer the stress builds when we realize there is still so much to do and very little time left to do it.

If you find yourself getting stressed out each year then you may have what I call Pre-Holiday Syndrome. The media, movies, and even your own memories (often distorted) promote expectations of a wonderful Christmas that we should all aspire to having. For most people it’s unrealistic and we set ourselves up for unnecessary stress. Don’t buy into it!

Decide what is realistic and important for you and your family. Here is an article I wrote with lots of tips to help you have a realistic, happy, and less stressful holiday.

Pre-Holiday Syndrome

To find more time to get things done be sure to check out the 10 Time Wasters at the end of the article.


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