Easter or Passover Planner

If you have read my blog for awhile you know I’m big on creating planners to help me get organized for special events, holidays, or travel. Today I’m setting up my planner for the Passover Seder.  Since the holiday dinner is at my house every year I know I have a lot to do during the next 2 1/2 weeks.

Through experience I have learned how this kind of planner helps lower my stress level and even saves me money. Last week I went to New Orleans with my husband for a few days.  My Travel Planner helped keep all the papers (airline tickets, hotel, emergency phone numbers, etc.) in one place so when I left town I had everything I needed.

I had even researched some places we wanted to visit beforehand. For the Aquarium I found a $3.00 off per person coupon online. I printed it out and put it in the Travel Planner. It saved us $6.00 that morning. That paid for the streetcar ride later in the day to see other attractions.

So whether you are planning an Easter dinner for the family or a Passover Seder creating a planner now will help you get organized and reduce the stress over the next couple of weeks. Here are a few simple steps to create that planner. You most likely have everything you need on hand so take a few minutes today to set it up. It will make planning for your celebration much easier and more enjoyable!

Step 1

You will need some kind of notebook, pocket folder, or file folder to keep everything in. If you have several celebrations or events you are planning for it might be easier to use a small 3-ring binder with pocket folder dividers to keep each event separate. Since I only have the Seder I’m using a pocket folder with clips to hold notebook paper.


Step 2

You’ll need enough paper to create several lists.

    • Shopping list for groceries.
    • Shopping list for table or household decorations.
    • Write out the full menu and any condiments, special seasonings, etc. that you plan on serving. If other people will be bringing certain dishes for the meal make sure you put their name next to that dish on your list. Also make sure they know way ahead of time what they are expected to bring so they can plan accordingly.
    • Write out a timetable for the next couple of weeks of what and when you will do things such as cleaning, shopping, polishing silverware, and baking or cooking things ahead of time. You can write this timetable on the notebook paper or print out a calendar (monthly or weekly) to write it on. Here is a site to download a free calendar, either monthly or weekly.


Step 3

Put copies of the recipes you plan on making into the pockets of the folder. Check all the ingredients for each one and write the things you need to purchase on the grocery list.  If your recipe is in a cookbook you can list the cookbook and page number next to the dish on your menu page. Just make sure you check the ingredients for the grocery list as soon as possible.


Now your planner is for the most part organized and ready to go. Customize it for your particular needs.  If your family dresses up in special clothes for church then you can make a list for each family member and what they will wear. If you need to buy anything new you can plan for a shopping trip now instead of running out to the store at the last minute.

Keep this planner in a place where you can check it daily. If you know you’re going out to run errands check your shopping lists first to see if you can buy some of the things now.  With the cost of gas you don’t want to make any extra shopping trips for just a few items.

If you have any questions or suggestions on creating this planner please let me know.

To a lighter load along the way.


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