Clean House

Most of the time I don’t turn on the TV during the day while I’m working. It is too distracting. But today while taking a lunch break I turned on Style TV and started watching the show “Clean House”. They were showing the messiest homes in America.

When I watch these kinds of shows I become motivated to tackle some of the cluttered area’s I have been putting off. Although the show has a whole team of workers to tackle the clutter in a short period of time (unrealistic for the rest of us) it is helpful to see the before and after pictures.

You can do the same by taking pictures of your cluttered area. Print it out and put in a place you will see it each day to motivate you to take action. Even 15 minutes per day of decluttering will eventually clean it up. Take a picture after the area is cleaned up and put it next to the before picture.

You could even create a scrapbook of before and after pictures. Sort of a brag book of how far you have come!


2 thoughts on “Clean House”

  1. one third,

    The camera lens can help us see what our own eyes can’t or won’t see. It’s like writing in a diary or journal – they are not meant to be shared unless you want to.

    Put the pictures in a notebook that only you will see until the area is cleaned up. Once the area is clean then destroy the pictures that show the clutter (the failures). Keep only the “after” pictures (your successes).

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