April Holidays

April has a lot of holidays and event weeks ranging from Earth Day, to Administrative Week, to Turn Off TV Week, to the Jewish holiday of Passover. I have included the dates and links for more information on the these holidays and more in my April 15th newsletter. I have posted it below.

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April 15, 2008 Newsletter

The second half of April has a few National holidays and many minor holidays that you may or may not be familiar with. The latter part of April also brings the warmer weather to most areas of the country. Little league baseball has started and the garden centers a filled with blooming flowers.

April 13-19 is Environmental Education Week. If you have children in grades K-12 then you are probably aware of this week.

April 19 is the first night of Passover. The Seder or festive meal is where Jews read the story of how they escaped from slavery in Egypt. Special foods are served at the Seder and for the whole week. Most foods symbolize different areas of the story. If you celebrate Passover it is time to plan out your shopping, cooking, changing dishes, and all the other things you need to do to prepare for the holiday.

April 20-26 is Administrative Professionals Week. This week came out of National Secretaries Week starting back in 1952. Administrative Professionals Day is Weds., April 23. If you have any Administrative Professionals working for you please don’t forget about them. These people are the backbone of most businesses and deserve to be recognized for it.

April 22 is Earth Day this year. There are lots of activities plan in most communities through out the country. If you have children then this site will give you ideas of what you can do to get them involved in Earth Day. Check out your local city website or newspaper for events taking place in your town. I know my city is having a recycling day including hazardous waste drop off. This is a good time to clear out those items laying around because you couldn’t put them in the trash.

April 25 is National Arbor Day. Most states have different days according to the best tree planting time. Check out your state to see when it celebrates Arbor Day. Planting a tree with your children teaches them to plan for the future of the earth.

April 21-27 is TV turn off week. This week is geared toward schools and children. It’s a chance for families to do other things together besides watching TV. With the weather better late in April and it being light later this would be a good time to take some family walks around your neighborhood.

April 24 is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work day. This is a chance for a child to see what their parents really do at work. In most cases children will have a better understanding about what you do and why you may be so tired after work when they are expecting your attention.

April 27-May 3 is National Volunteer Week. If you’re a volunteer you are probably aware of this week. If you are not a volunteer then it may be time to recognize the volunteers you know and thank them for giving of their time. Whether it is the room parents at school, the volunteers at the local hospital, or all the fundraiser’s and event workers, they all help make our world a better place. Thank you.

There are a lot of holidays and events taking place this month. Check out the links to all the sites and learn more about them. Get involved whether you have children or not. These events can enrich your life. Just remember to mark your calendars for the ones you want to partake in.