Termite Season is Here

Do you know if you have termites? Have you had an inspection lately? I received a reminder in the mail to have my inspection and pay for my annual insurance. From experience I find it well worthwhile.

Of course termites are more prevalent in some areas imagethan in others. When I lived in Northwest Arkansas we had to have the house treated before we could get a loan from the bank. Even though the house had been treated, each spring we would have swarms of termites at our large picture window in the living room. Each year the exterminator would come out and inspect the house but couldn’t find the source. One year I started noticing tiny wood shavings on my tile entry floor. Hanging from the ceiling were tiny termite tunnels. They had gotten up in the attic and were having a feast on one of the beams.

My current house in St. Louis had termites before I moved here. Needless to say, I get my inspection and keep up the insurance every year. I also get the house sprayed for ants at the same time. They seem to like to invade my home at this time of year. I let them know they are not welcomed guests.

To find out more about termites just click on the above picture. That site has a lot of pictures and information to help you identify this insect and it’s damage.

I would love to hear from others who have termite stories they want to share.