Time To Get Off Autopilot

Day after day you have good intentions on getting organized and clearing out the clutter. But by the end of the week do you wonder why nothing was done? Do you even remember what you did each day? If not it could be because you are on autopilot.

Autopilot may work great for airplanes but it’s not always so good for people. When an emergency happens we sometimes go into autopilot mode to handle the matter without falling apart. But to just get through each hectic day by being on autopilot doesn’t get us where we want to go.

Time to turn off autopilot! Here are three words to add to your vocabulary to help get off autopilot and take charge of your life. These are proactive, consciously, and intentionally.

Proactive: Taking the initiative. Action of taking the first step.

When we are proactive we take steps to prevent clutter from coming into our homes. This could be by reducing the junk mail we receive. It could mean not “shopping till we drop” just because we are feeling down. It could also mean setting up a system to keep our bills and other paperwork organized and not left in piles to “take care of later”.

Consciously: Knowing what one is doing and why they are doing it.

When we are aware of what we are doing we can make better choices to move towards our goals. You go to the grocery store with a list so you only buy the things you need and not a lot of things you don’t need. It also means you shop for clothes knowing how they will work in your wardrobe. You don’t buy something “just because” you like it at that moment.

Instead of going through the day haphazardly you consciously plan it out and prioritize the things you want to accomplish. You learn to limit the time wasters like phone calls with friends and the too much time on the internet by setting a timer. After your time limit is up get back to what you were working on.

Intentionally: Doing things on purpose.

Intentionally is putting proactive and consciously together. You intentionally take actions to prevent clutter and disorganization from building up in your home. You intentionally pay attention to the routines and everyday things you do so that they are in line with your goal to get and stay organized. You clear out the clutter on purpose so you can live in a more comfortable and less stressful environment.

Make these words part of your everyday language and get off autopilot. You will accomplish more each day and by the end of the week you won’t be asking yourself what you did all week. All you have to do is look around and see your accomplishments.



2 thoughts on “Time To Get Off Autopilot”

  1. I was just thinking it would be nice not to have to make decisions and just be on auto piolit and then I see your blog.
    You gave good advice and I think I’ll do it tomorrow. Isn’t that funny, tomorrow never comes.

    Actually I am being good today, I am cleaning out months of email on one of me sites. It is feeling sooooo good.

  2. Marilyn,

    It takes a lot of work to stay off autopilot. It’s so easy to go through a day without thinking. But I hate losing those days.

    I know what you mean by it feeling soooo good to clean out the emails. I just wish I could figure out how to keep up with them on a regular basis.

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