Organize Kitchen Cabinet Clutter

Sometimes all it takes is a simple tool to help keep an area organized. Unfortunately it is hard to know if the sales/marketers claims are true or a bunch of baloney. I’m sure you have bought items that claimed to help you become organized and decluttered. I know I have! But many of those items don’t live up to their hype.

Along the way I have bought many items that do work and I’m sure you have too. Today I want to share one simple item that has keep one of my kitchen cabinets organized for the past 17 years. It’s a wire rack that holds my cutting boards, cupcake tins, and cookie sheets that would otherwise be a mess.


When I bought those wire racks they cost me $11 each. They have been well worth the $22 spent. I saw on Amazon these same racks are selling for under $10 dollars. Your local stores that have kitchen supplies may have them at similar prices.

Look at your cabinets before you buy any tools to help you organize. A tool such as this wire rack will keep you organized but only if it fits your cabinets. You may have to look for some other tool that will work for your kitchen.

Do you have other tools that help your kitchen cabinets or drawers stay organized? Please leave a comment and let me know. Thanks.