Summer Clutter

Before I talk about summer clutter I want to first apologize to anyone who may have sent me a comment during the last couple of months that didn’t get posted here. It seems that all comments ended up in the spam folder and I forgot to check them. After 15 days the blog company (WordPress) automatically deletes the spam so any legitimate comments before that time are lost. I’ll be checking the spam folder daily so please feel free to leave a comment or share an idea or suggestion. Thanks.

Now, to get to the summer clutter.

Today I was going through the Target weekly ad and noticed some items that are destined to become clutter. First there was the ad for the ingredients for s’mores. I love roasted marshmallows squeezed between crisp graham crackers with melted Hershey bars oozing out. What caught my attention in this ad was the 4-pk s’more skewers. What happened to the wire hangers or long handled BBQ fork? Unless you have s’mores several days a week why would you take up the drawer space to store such a specialized item?

On the next page I saw an item called a Bubble Generator. It’s a battery operated bubble blower. What happen to the small bottle of soap solution with the bubble blowing wand? When my boys were small they loved to go outside and blow bubbles. They would see who could blow the most bubbles or the biggest ones. There is no challenge with a toy doing all the work.

On another page I did see an item that was not clutter when my children were young. It is the Wham-O Slip ‘N Slide. They spent hours in the summer heat running, giggling, sliding, and cooling off with that toy. It was also an easy toy to pack away when they were through with it for the day. Just roll it up. That was a good thing because if it was left on the grass too long you ended up with a large brown area in the middle of the yard (it happened a few times).

Sometimes the specialize tools and toys can actually take the fun out of the activity instead of adding to it. If they are not fun over the long haul they sit on the shelf and become clutter.

Do you have summer items that have become clutter? Please share your story in the comment section. (I promise I will check for legitimate comments daily.) By sharing our experiences we can all learn to avoid adding clutter to our homes.