Spring Cleaning

It’s March so there is hope that spring is right around the corner. It’s cloudy, windy, and mild (68 degrees) here in the Midwest. A typical March day.

When the calendar changes and the temperature rises I start thinking about spring cleaning. Years ago spring cleaning meant cleaning the soot from the coal furnaces, fireplaces, and candles off of the walls and furniture. Opening the windows so the fresh air would get rid of the stale smells from winter was all part of it.

Today most homes rarely have soot build up to worry about. Usually it is more the build-up of clutter from a long winter of hibernating. I know, hibernation is about animals, not people. But the part of the definition of it is: inactivity, conserving energy, slow metabolism. How much does this describe our winter habits?

So when warm weather hits we become more active, look around at our homes and see the clutter that has built-up over the winter. Time to spring clean those piles of magazines, extra throws on the couches, stacks of DVD’s, video games,and books that kept us busy on the cold long nights.


I’ve opened the windows to air out the house. In the evenings I will start going through the magazines in the magazine rack that is now overflowing.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be done all in one weekend like people use to do. One small project each day will make a big difference by the time the end of March comes.

Let me know what projects you are doing to spring clean your home. Please leave a comment.