Wants Vs. Needs

Wants vs. needs seems to be the catch phrase of the day. Actually, I think that is a good thing. Do you know the difference between your wants and your needs?

We have been convinced by media and advertising agencies that we need to have all these things in order to be happy. There is nothing wrong with wanting things to make us happy. The line blurs when we start looking at these wants as needs. We know the difference. It’s not easy to face.

With the economy the way it is now this is a good time to look at all the things you own and label them as “wants” or “needs“. If you are working on decluttering your home these labels will make it easier to let go of some of the clutter.

Needs keep us alive and safe. Food, shelter, basic clothing are a few of these. Depending on where you live and work, reliable transportation may be a need. Beyond the basics everyone’s needs will depend on their circumstances.

The wants are the big fancy cars we buy on credit or the big new home we can barely afford. Do we really need a TV and computer in every room of the house? Do we wear all the clothes that are stuffed in the closets and drawers? What about all the toys taking over the house or the piles of books, DVD’s, and video games?

Wants enrich our lives but too many of them create clutter in our homes. Before you go shopping again think about what you are buying. Is it a need or is it a want? There is nothing wrong with buying it for either reason as long as you recognize why you are buying it.

Go around your home and practice labeling your items as wants or needs. Just think how good it will feel to bless others with some of your extra wants. Donate them to a local charity so others can buy a few wants at a price they can afford.