Simplify Your Holidays – Tip #8

Holiday decorations can be fun to put up around the house and give our home that festive feeling. Sometimes we get caught up in wanting our homes to have that perfectly decorated look we see in the magazines and on TV. That kind of decorating not only takes a lot of time to set up it also costs a lot of money. Plus it will take a lot of time to take down and pack away.

If you have the time and money and really enjoy decorating for the holiday’s then go for it. But if you feel overwhelmed because you are short on time and/or money then don’t try to compete. Change your expectations and you will enjoy your holiday’s even more.


Less is more. Less time spent putting up decorations will give you more time to do the things your really enjoy such as baking cookies.

You are not perfect and your decorating does not need to be perfect. Decorate for yourself and don’t worry what others think about it.

Fewer decorations put up means fewer to put away afterwards. Start the new year off by feeling energized instead of overwhelmed with the task of packing up tons of decorations.

If you have any tips to share on decorating please post them in the comment section.