Simplify Your Holidays – Tip #7

Has someone told you not to buy them any gifts? They don’t “need” anything. They tell you they have way too many things in their home already. You still want to get them a gift but now you have no idea what to buy them. It’s time to consider “clutter free” gifts that can be used up without adding to their “things”.

Here is a list of clutter free or almost clutter free gifts.

1. Gift certificates: restaurants, movie theaters, live theater season tickets, sporting events, a day of pampering at a local day spa.

2. Donation made in their honor to their favorite charity.

3. Membership to a Public TV station or their favorite subscription website.

4. Buy items for a needy family in their honor. (check local charities for info) They may want to help with picking out the items.

5. Give certificates for services you provide: Babysitting, car washing, sweeping out the basement or garage, painting a room, etc. These are good for older children to give to their parents and grandparents and they don’t cost any money.

6. Favorite food items: cookies, cakes, gourmet coffee or tea, candy, etc. Make sure that the container you give the items in won’t add to the recipient’s clutter.

7. Gifts for pampering themselves: lotions, shower gels, perfume, candles, etc. Like above, make sure there aren’t containers that will add to their clutter such as baskets or other fancy gift containers.

If you have any suggestions for clutter free gifts then please share them in the comment section.