Real Pumpkins vs. Ceramic/Plastic Pumpkins

Do you buy a real pumpkin at Halloween or do you put out the same ceramic or plastic one on your front porch each year? There are advantages to both kinds. But the ceramic/plastic ones will require storage where the real ones don’t.


Here is an excerpt from my new eBook, “How To Have A Fun, Safe, And Decluttered Halloween”.

“Pumpkins are another easy homemade decoration. Today there are lots of cute or scary ceramic pre-made pumpkins you can buy. They are easy to set outside and put either a real candle in them or one of the battery operated candles. But they are hard to store and it’s the same face each year. With real pumpkins you get to cut out a new face every year. If you prefer to paint them you get to paint a new face each year. After Halloween is over, you can recycle the pumpkin in the compost pile or throw it away. No storage at all.”

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How to Have a Fun, Safe, and Decluttered Halloween