Organize by Containerizing Small Items

If your New Year’s resolution to organize your home has already been sidetrack, don’t give up.  You may need to shrink down your approach.

Try starting with a small project. Sometimes containerizing a small mess will help you feel like you’re back on track. It can motivate you to organize more areas.

A container can corral small items so the area looks cleaner and is more efficient for you. I did that today using a small container I bought at Target for $1.00.

Here is what this area looked like before.



I already had the pens and scissors containerized in a mug but the papers and stickers were in a pile. That made it hard to find anything in an efficient way.

Here is when I put the pile into the blue container.


It still looked a little out of control to me. So I put the mug of pens inside the container and moved my souvenir rock to another location.


Now it looks and feels like it’s under control. It’s easy to find a pen, highlighter, or scissors in the mug.  It’s also easy to find the stickers and notepaper.

Now I need to look around to see what else I can containerize to make the room look and feel more organized. One small success is motivating to have more successes. They will add up!

How have you corralled small items to make them more organized? Please leave a comment and let me know. Thanks.

To a lighter load along the way.


2 thoughts on “Organize by Containerizing Small Items”

  1. I put all my credit cards, store advantage cards, and check books in a lidded container that I store in my desk drawer. I plan where I go, so I know which cards to take.

    1. Liz, That’s a great way to keep control of them. I keep a few basic credit cards in my wallet. All the rest are kept in a separate card holder. I keep it in a container in my cabinet. When I go shopping I put the whole holder in my purse.

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