January Monthly Goals–Not Met Yet!

MC900434929-1Wow, it’s hard to believe the month of January is almost over.  Where did it go?

Each year I start out with great intentions yet somehow time gets away from me. This year I decided to try something different to help keep me on track.  I wrote out a monthly plan of goals I want to work on.

I know I won’t meet January’s goals. Of course that could be because I didn’t write them down until the middle of the month. Oh well, there’s still four days left to work on them!

I wrote out this plan in a spiral notebook that I look at each morning. I have one page of general yearly goals.  Then I put the name of each month on the top of the next 12 pages. So far I have January and February’s goals written down. By mid February I will write out March’s goals. I’ll see where I am at that point.

One goal I’m working on is a free mini eBook filled with tips for each month of the year. I’ll be giving this eBook to everyone who subscribes to this blog. If you’re already a subscriber (thank you) I’ll send you a link to download it when it’s ready.

Since that is one of my January goals I hope to complete it this week or early next week.

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I’m calling it a Tax Season Sale! 


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To a lighter road along the way.


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